"This book...is the pick of the litter" - US Weekly

One of the 10 best crowdfunded literary projects
- The Guardian UK

“...real, sometimes darkly hilarious”
- The Huffington Post

“I'm not a cat person and I love this book”
- Michael Bierut
, Pentagram partner

“Yes, your cat is very special”
- Fast Company/Co.Design

“Pay no attention to those 49 other cats”
- Mimi Goldsparkle

BACK IN BLACK! Sure, the limited-edition Kickstarter original--as featured in the New Yorker to Hyperallergic, New York Magazine to Hauspanther--sold out. But scratch that. This fall marks the return of All Black Cats Are Not Alike, by Amy Goldwasser and Peter Arkle, from Chronicle Books.

Sign up today for news of the new edition: the true stories and lovingly hand-drawn portraits of 50 entirely unique, entirely eccentric, entirely charming All Black Cat characters--each one an odd little alien in a black fur coat.

For any questions, custom orders, speaking requests, etc., please contact us at Studio Goldsparkle.

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